Friday, 22 June 2012

do it by yourself

window, ikea, regensburg, june 2012
i need a frame, cheap and nice. for an exhibit. quick and with plastik glass.

entrance, ikea, regensburg, june 2012
ikea has it. ikea has everything. ikea is even selling shoes inside. house shoes, but a beginning.

when ikea came to our region it was like heaven. suddenly you got fancy furniture which were cheap, looked always good and in all kind of sizes, colours, shapes. with funny names.

i loved it. funnily so i almost never bought anything. too late those days for furnituring my teenger room and too early for having my own place. anywya not interested anymore.

interior, ikea, regensburg, june 2012
those days fancy, nowadays available in every big city cupboards and beds with unprounanable names like nyvoll or opdall becoming part of every place agerange between 10 and 40 or even longer. i think.

and again i understand, but is getting boring. more interesting unique furniture with its own history, collected over years. haha quite atidies timeconsuming and expensive business. plus also i am such a funny hippster.

the only issue it is cheap. i wonder what happens with me and my first own place.

way, ikea, regensburg, june 2012
another topic. automatic paying system reache dikea. or at least first time i have seen it in germany.

before that in the uk in supermarkets such as tesco, sainsbury etc. pritty cool and even cooler for the kids i am working with. you swip the code under a red light, numbers are popping up. press pay, take some money and go. no useless talking and looking into the eyes of a person. plus actually pritty funny game.

in india in a shop there are about 4 or 5 people who are working there. for every little bit. in a home most of the time you ave one or two maids. around building areas you have 50 at least digging with their hand and constructing a street, for example.

labor or the need for labor among low paid jobs decrease in western countries. people like shopkeeper, maids and builders become a bit of the exception, overrun by mechanical tools.

i hate living and honouring the past, because there is always a past to honour.  just one wondering.. where do those people work nowadays?

cashier, ikea, regensburg, june 2012

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