Saturday, 30 June 2012

football- in a good way

sink2, max's home, koetzting, june 2012
the last time i was watching football was a while ago. i think 2010. argentina against germany. amazing game. i was actually working, but my bosses were great. 2 hours break instead of one. does not happen so often but it today it did.

we were meeting in a pub, had to cycle there. with a friend and her boyfriend. saturday afternoon.  a lot of young guys which have everything else but world cup experience against old rabbits.

and they played them down. 4:1. the argentina just looked, stunned. no word for this outstanding performance of this guys who are so well presenting not just football but germany. multicultural, fresh, ernergetic, self confident.

table, max's home, koetzting, june 2012
since then no ral tv football for me. not the biggest fan of national league. but still i was proud. when i was in bangaldesh, looking at the young guys playing football on the dirty dry fiels next to all teh cricket player, wearing shirts from messi and chelsea. praised the gmaes ability, to move minds, stomach and spirit.

football, max's home, koetzting, june 2012
today we watch germany against max's house. on the coach with juiceschorle and some beer. willi came later. relaxed. no screaming so much. chatting, watching.

it took me a while to get into the game. football is not complicated plus i have experience. from earlier time. still it took me a while to get into the game, knowing when they do the right move, make mistakes, are smart.

At the beginning I was quiet, shy, cause what would I have to say, could say. And that's ok, just boring, for me.  Than I asked, looked, thought. At the end I actually screamed at least, shouted at the right points, not always but I did ok.

Germany won this time. Not the best performance but they did.

beer and glass and knife, max's home, koetzting, june 2012

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