Wednesday, 20 June 2012


my cousins doughter1, frahels, 10th june 2012

my cousins doughter2, frahels, 10th june 2012

my cousins doughter3, frahels, 10th june 2012
my first picture. a old red plastic camera, me on the farm of a friend in the forest. i am 7 years old, the camera a day. i shoot, still remember the wanky pictures, far away the people. my friend i know. who except from that i cannot remember.

what i remember the opening of the backdoor of my camera, quick, light inside, i close it. i know what happened. and it was my fault. i did not know when i finishd with rewinding. and i was too impatient.

i still have the picture. among a lot of others which i messed up by practicing with new old even older cameras.

playing, frahels, 10th june 2012

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