Friday, 22 June 2012

home cooking

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my parents are chefs. they cook. that is what they learned. mostly meat, at least my dad. my mum more vegetables, but not just.

they got to know each other when they were having their chef training somewhere in bavaria. i thin tegenersee. she dietassitant, he chief.

kitchen2, kirchenwirt, lam, june 2012
now they are not cooking together. he on the normal days, she sometimes.

my dad is excellent with meat, as i said. starting of a s a butchert raining with 14 years he developed not just a strength but sense for meat. 

i can remember. most of the time being younger i spend in the kitchen. because it was the center of our house, because it was the warmest. i used to read there, novels, learn everything and nothing about cameras. and in between watched my parents cooking. my dad who had on and off huge flames in the kitchen, appearing and disappearing without any scream, him talking about the importance of the bubble for scrumble eggs and the right kind of fat for making potatos in the pan as cross and tasty as they are.

i always watched. the first time i made pasta by myself was when i was long over 20. still cooking now is a very rare occasion. but i love to think about food, and talk, and why one things works and not.

guess if i got something form my family than the interest for food.

today it was the day for having a buffet. mum's day.  this is what i love about food. think creatively about food. same same but different. fine tast not over spiced. fresh and divers. and all in a day.

it is a bit of a success, concept and development. i am a bit proud.

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