Wednesday, 14 March 2012

after all...

boat, harishandra ghat, varanasi, 12th march 2012
in varanasi it is good to die, apparently., say they. if you die here you get striaght into nirvana.

that's amazing as i find. you can be a bad person all your life and then you just land here and wait till it is over and then all your sins- or however they call it here- will be finsihed.

thats pritty cool.

man, harishandra ghat, varanasi, 12th march 2012

today there are a lot of funerals. did not count them, just sat in the lassi store and saw all teh bodies being carried on a wooden board down the pathway to the ganges.

dead bodies will be burned here. in front of the ganges. on huge pile of wooden sticks, accompanied with a lot of people, relatives and tourists. first they walk through varanasi, a specific route, along the lassi store, and then down to the ganges. they settle the body, covered with golden and orange textiles, on the big pile of wood and then burn it.

there are a lot of rituals in between, they must. i did not see them. went there but left quickly, was suppossed to see a friend.

i am sorry.

bag, harishandra ghat, varanasi, 12th march 2012
ganga, harishandra ghat, varanasi, 12th march 2012
death is something unpredictable, harsh and mean, it does not leave anybody out, it does not choose and seems so much like it. it is what it is. a fact  and the only thing you can honor, and greeve.

i am at the moment a bit surrounded by it.  it makes me speechless, seems like the only way is to stop talking about it and honour.

legs, harishandra ghat, varanasi, 12th march 2012
i left the assi store, and went over the funeral place ack, just wanted to see. stood far ahead and took images of other thing.

a guy was shouting. honor the death people. coming up to me, leaving his game he was just playing. i knwo i know. he did not stop. no camera no camera, honour the death,

that i would not know.

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