Wednesday, 14 March 2012

from another perspective...

First I thought he is the son of the house. Later alka told e he is working there. He said, I am going home now. So alka assumed.

He is 9 years, I suppose. I talk with him often. His English is excellent, self-confident and very bright.  I needed to get my clothes from the string on the rooftop. It was all piled up in the corner. He ran there, wanted to help me. He puled out al the clothes, bra, shirt, trousers. Loved. I just knocked my head.

I started to work in my parents business when I was 7. I can still remember that I had to use the dish machine and the button to turn it on was to high up for me so I had to ask somebody to help me.  Sometimes I started to cry, because my friends did not have to work. I had to, every summer, as a dishwasher, then as a waitress, every day, lunch and dinner. Just for four hours my parents would say. Those days I cried sometimes, cause my friends did not have to work and I had to.
Now I understand. It is a family business. to employ somebody for my work would not be possible in terms of financability. It was hard, and sometimes it was annoying. But it was ok and I learned so many thing other did not. Was it good or not, I do not know? I am just me now, no comparison.

child labor is a difficult subject. As well as in the western world as well as in india officially forbidden it exist everywhere. And it is good, but also dangerous to generalize. 

His English is excellent. What does he want to be? Does it matter? I don’t know if all these questions are applicable. I do not know if I actually would like to ask him. Maybe he never thought about his future as such, maybe he is happy in whatever bubble he is, maybe I do not want to be part of changing the bubble, bursting it.

I am very careful nowadays; do not want to leave damage behind me, just because I think it is important, for me, not for him.

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