Monday, 12 March 2012

the mother and the city...

mother theresa, kalighat metro station, kolkata, 10th march 2012

I did not know she was in kalkota. The first time I saw her was on park street, in brackets, behind the street name. then as a little picture in an old fashioned photo store. And then big opposite of my metro station, made out of stones.

I do not know anything about her. Or hardly. Just that she was good, incredible good. And she died at the same time as Diana but or because of her her death kind of went quietly away.

Harald, an old very old friend of mine, talked about her. Before I left. When we were out. he said that he does not like mother Theresa, not sure if he said it but he meant it. She actually did nothing good because of her, but because of the institution. I just said yes. Did not really connect to what he said.

To do something good, just because of what. When do you do something good? when is it really a good thing to do something good?

I do not believe in god. Not in that sense. I just did not make time to make my mind up regards to him or her (to keep the feminism in right order). So at the moment for me god does not exist. So where do I get my standard from. I guess myself. Never doe anything to somebody you do not want to have done to yourself.

Sounds like Christianity, or islam. That’s ok. I do not care. That’s my idea of being good. and always help if you are able to help. Even if you do not like to. That’s good. for me.

Not sure if mother Theresa did it for god, for her church, for prestige and honor. I do not acre. For her, in her little world it made probably sense.

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