Monday, 12 March 2012

just a picture..

wall, kalighat, kolkatta, 10th march 2012

In the morning I walked to the metro station. Right next to it there were a huge amount of people living on the streets. They slept there next to each other, had pictures on their wall. Was there home. I could not take any images. Not any. One I took and I explained the guy that it looked just beautiful.

wall 1, hospital, kolkatta, 10th march 2012

I needed the toilet, desperately. And there was a hospital. I just thought I sneak in and there would be one on the ground floor, as usual. But no. I went upstairs to the medical areas. People were lying in the hallway, in the rooms on the floor, on the bed. Far tow many. A want to come up, asked m what I was doing here. I was honest. I need the toilet. She showed me the way.

Walked through all the people. I smiled, looked at the floor.  My mind moved.  Sensational, I need to help; this is not fair, improvement, jumped through my mind.
Sensationalism. I did not have any clue. I did not take any images.

wall2, kolkatta, 10th march 2012

wall3, hospital, kolkatta, 10th march 2012
I could not take images. Two times. Principle wise, the decision made much earlier, in those two moments still reasking and questioning.

 I never take images of peoples home without reason.  And I never take images just because it is scandalous and I actually d not know anything about it.

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