Tuesday, 20 March 2012

intermezzo 1

i felt so sick. i layed on the bed and could not move. cramps and weekness. but better than running to the toilet than every other minute.

clothes, guesthouse, varanasi, march 2012
i am sure i got a bug. last thrusday i ate three burgers, from the street. three burgers!

at the beginning when i came to bangaldesh i was highly overprotective of food. i did not anything from the street. nothing. and if so just when one of the guys form drik were with me. just in case. so i would not suffer alone at least.

when i came to kolkata i was still a bit conscious. kept the rules of no dairy, everything hotly made and just stuff i used to eat in the past and nothing in oil. i was fine.

then i came to varanasi and it got slippery. i was just all the time fine. so why not eat something here or there.

apparently everybody who comes to varansi gets ill. just too many cows, too much shit, to many flies. i understand. makes sense. kind of afterwards.

asmita, guesthouse, varanasi, march 2012

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