Monday, 5 March 2012

one year more....

anniversary cake, adnan's home, 2nd march 2012
i did not know them. still i was invited. i thought it was just a casual dinner. and it was, but for whatever reasons i did not except so many people. and there were not even. but still. anyway maybe just says somethingabout my flexibility as a person.

i am in adnan's home. we went there my motorbicyle, with his one. one of this moments i just praied to god or something higher  and at the same time stayed pragmatic, cause he has to survive as well.also maybe he is not the worst driver maybe it is just me being a coward.

eating 1, adnan's home, 2nd march 2012
they are married. today for one year exactly. so they celebrate. with friends. and food. and drinks. and cake. they did not have any for their marriage. so finally now.

eating2, , adnan's home, 2nd march 2012

anniversary cake2, , adnan's home, 2nd march 2012
she is an engeneer, Khamin is a journalist/ writer/ photographer/ journalist/ whatever. talking with him means diving into a different sphere. being interested in everything and nothing he can talk about for hours between criminal investigation, definitions about love and relationships, failures in bangaldeshi politics. etc. he read hegel, feuerbach, heinrich heine and these are just the german one he read.

he is from the untouchable. the class. that means his parents are illiterate. they are working in manual work. so he was supposed. but he studied, studied even more. now has his own blog with his drawings, writings, photographs. works for newspapers, makes his phd and sells his paintings.

he used to work for a bank. it brought him a lot of money. his parents did not agree. they think he should do something for the society. after a few years he gave up as well.

you can be good or bad in your life. it is easy to be bad and it affects a lot of people. to be good is difficult but you do not affect people. i think he says. i think in the worst case. in the best case you can make change. maybe little maybe big.

he says the cause for a lot of problems is lack of knowledge. problem in bangladesh, problem everywhere. if you don't have knowledge you do not know it better. for example within love, arranged marriage, or killing people.

lights, , adnan's home, 2nd march 2012
it is time to go home, khamin says. so it is. firm and quick. i was a bit surprised. think one of the things.. you do not know. or you are not used to, when you are a foreigner.

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