Wednesday, 14 March 2012

a bit of nostalgy...

waiter, shiva restaurant, varanasi, 13th march 2012

it is an tacki restaurant, not one of the god ones, really good ones. with nice ambient, great decorated food. but the food is ok, there is no doubt, and cheap, and we have wireless. that's why we are here.

12 years ago the restaurant was founded. first it was small, really small, the half of the room, then it got slowly bigger. they never had too mcuh money, but they are getting there, til they had this room. 5 to 3 meter. maybe.

they have one waitress, for the whole day. he is old, but not too old. slow careful he is placing orders, bringing cups, plates. it is busy, he is running around, his back slightly crooked. he speaks english and hindi.

a lot of people speak in this village english. the elder a few bits and bobs, also depending, some more some better. the kids among them are amazing, they are quick, selfconfident and well spoken. first i thought that would be a great chance for them, later getting another profession. now i am not sure. lot of them do not go to school. 

i do not know really. not sure if school is neccessary, career and aspiring something better. what is better.

interior, shiva restaurant, varanasi, 13th march 2012

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