Thursday, 22 March 2012

just to make a point.

pupils, along the ghats, varanasi, march 2012

the black river- the ganges is also called here. because of pollution.

Nothing new. already since 1985 organisation under people such as rajiv gandhi try to do sth, something, but instead it just seems they spend money. 

The pollution and the ganges seems to be one of the typical india cases. There is a need, there is a ngo and there is money. but no effect. varanasi is own of the worst areas of the ganges pollution.
pupils, along the ghats, varanasi, march 2012

A long line of kids standing along the riverside, they are holding hand. Some quietly, some bored, waiting. It should take today an hour. An hour of quiet demonstration. About 200 or 300 schools are participating, the teacher said. Not sure if that is true but it is a lot. The line last from assi ghat till the main ghat, almost. Somebody is sharing out biscuits, may favorite biscuits actually. Perfect in texture, thick, bity but not too hard, and sweet but not too sweet, ideal breakfast.

The ganges is in varansi the holy water. If you die in varanasi and you are burned next to the ganges and your bones are sinking into the water you get into nirvana apparently. Also the water helps you. Like holy water do. and if not it is definitely good for a dip, daily bath and washing your cloth. Also good for getting rid of any waste from factories and homes.

speaker, pupils, along the ghats, varanasi, march 2012
Usually locals and Indian tourist jump into the water (also a holy measurement). 3 times diving, a ritual for spirituality. I never saw foreigners, not one. Except from yesterday. 4 girls, one guy, did not see them in the water, but outside wet.

“Yes of course we will have a shower”

“ and why do you do it”

“ because everybody is doing it”

not entirely sure if they consider that the water is transferring illnesses such as cholera, dyptherie etc...
girls, along the ghats, varanasi, march 2012

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