Monday, 12 March 2012

dreaming away

scooter, kolkata, india, 7th march 2012
I compared everything. The weather, the dirt, the cars, the people on the street, the houses, the advertisement, even the chai stores. and the driving.

The driver picked me up from the airport. It was already dark. the temperature still warm, with a bit of wind.

chair, alka's home, kolkata, 08th march 2012

He drove me to alka’s parents. alka is a friend from new york. From india, lives here but already in delhi. For the elections, for getting ready to go to Varanasi.
I am with her parents.

My mind back in bangladesh. Weared memories of slow traffic, little food places with no add. Just the table and the food, piled up in extraordinary shapes. People walking on the streets, cars from everywhere. The houses ran down the advertisement painted on the wall. I missed it, so much.

legs, kolkata, 8th march 2012

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