Wednesday, 14 March 2012

a blue lassi in a green room...

shelve, blue lassi, varanasi, march 2012

He was looking after the broken television. He did not repair them. He said so but I did not see any tools, except a pile of old televisions. Somebody wanted to sit on them, immediately a guy came and removed her. Gave her instead another seat.

I was in the lassi store with a friend and his friend, in his little shop, because in the lassi store there was no space for us, too full. i met a friend there, for having a chat. I met him yesterday, when we, me and my girls where there, for a lassi. He just came sat down in front of me and said hi. I did not expect him, ever, and above all not at 4 pm Sunday in this specific lassi store in varanasi, india. He is a work colleague of mine, from an old place where I used and still use to work in England. He was not a close friend, somebody I knew. The place where I worked was full of people who love to travel. Just one of these places, which allows people to do that. So him. I knew he loves India, and the world is small, but so small. Still incredible. So we met up for another lassi the next day.

The lassi day is famous. I did not know, probably as alka. But not so the lonely planet world. At least what the old man says after sitting for an hour silent next to us, then giving us a chai and starting to talk with us.
He was the father of the owner and the television repair shop next door. He was very proud, told us about his father who used to be an actor and really famous, he told us about his sun having his store and that it was quoted in the lonely planet. He smiled. I just said. Propyl your sun is as famous as your dad. He just knocked laughed out loud and smiled.

dad, blue lassi, varanasi, march 2012

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