Thursday, 8 March 2012


guys, parliament's lake, dhaka, march 2012

i saw them from far away. actually I did not intend to take any pictures. i just wanted to get to the place, where i was supposed to have an interview. and it was hot, and i did not have time.

but they were there. the perfect image. i thought.

i took my camera out, took me a long time. Started to shoot, slowly. too slow.

sometimes I forget how what I am, or how sometimes people in Bangladesh react to me. and i had a camera.

the three guys turned around, saw me, and started running towards me, asked me for a picture, posed, laughed, fell over each other.

the responsibility of a photographer.

a few months ago in a class after the question what do you want to become, later as a photographer.

one guy said: I want to go to war.

me: why?

him: i don’t know. it must be fun.

sign, street next to airport, dhaka, march 2012

letter, gulshan, dhaka, march 2012

guy, gulshan, dhaka, march 2012
as a photographer you communicate. does not matter what you do, you do it. what you communicate depends on the image, on your choice, choices. even if you talk about a flower. 

i get really angree when people are just choosing, going for the best picture. visually the most interesting.  that’s ok, that’s important but the only aspect?

i am getting very emotional with this subject. last time i went into a preaching mood when a girl said she would like to go to war. because of adrenalin, and tension she likes it. fair enough, at least an opinion.

i started to talk about communication, responsibility, and very selective people going there. importance to make up your mind. blablba. seems mundane, self-explanative.
train, gulshan, dhaka, march 2012

building side, gulshan, dhaka, march 2012

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