Monday, 5 March 2012

for a visit...

saiakt invited me. it was one of his friends marriage. old school friends. i think. and it was perfect cause it was close to the wedding.  so perfect. working and wedding at the same time.

the weddings started late. around 2 am. so before we went for a meal, meat relatives and met up with friends to go to the wedding. to go there took already 2 hours.

before that we went to a relatives of saikat. one of his relatives. he has a lot of relatives. around 200 or so. he know them all, but now by heart?- is a bit difficult.

relatives in bangladesh are very wide counted. 2nd grade, 3rd grade. 4th grade maybe. usually for wedding or some important festivals you have to invite them all.

for this short time between food and wedding we were at his cousins pace. he was not at home, but his wife.

saikat and shutopa1, fulbaria, feb 2012

saikat and shutopa2, fulbaria, feb 2012

saikat and shutopa3, fulbaria, feb 2012

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