Monday, 12 March 2012

just another theory...

oranges, juice stand, race court, kolkatta, 10th march 2012
When you read articles written by journalist they often talk about living status of people with less then one dollar a day. Living status less then 5 liters a water a day.

Thereby the journalist creates shocking examples and intends to make it understandable for the western reader.

What he does not mention in his article is the amount of money he needs in his daily life, how much a sack of rice is, a tea, a place to live. How much does the person earn a month. What are the person’s dreams, wishes, worries. Just the number.

The juice is delicious. Fresh pressed pineapple juice with a bit of foam. The best juice ever. And cheap. In new york it would cost 3 dollars at least. Here it costs 25 rupees, not even a quarter. Anyway that is not a comparison. Comparison is. Here you pay for a pineapple juice 25 rupees, for a chai 4 rupees and for breakfast 15 rupees. But for a hard drive you pay 5000 rupees at least. The monthly income is about 10000xxx rupees. For pineapple juice and breakfast lot, for a hard drive very little.

In new york I could afford a hard drive but not a pineapple juice. Here I can afford the pineapple but not the hard drive.

plakat, juice stand, race court, kolkatta, 10th march 2012

boy and girl,  kolkatta, 10th march 2012
Money, money. 100 rupees. They are running in front of me, stopping me, holding my hands. 100 rupees.

I say no. first smiling, then louder, usually that works. But not with them. I guess I am dealing with professionals.

The kids asked me to take a picture from them. In front of the stadium. They smiled. It is ok. I understand, took the picture, showed it to them.

They still were running after me. It got annoying. I had to leave. Plus I never would give them money. Not for a picture.

I refuse giving people money for pictures. Unless it is agreed, and I never would agree.

I never pay for pictures because I think it is wrong. Association from money and pictures changes the perception, idea from a photograph, the smile, the face in the image.  Even without money the person has interest, self-exposing, curiosity, vain. At least not money, not pleasing you.
girl, gate, kolkatta, 10th march 2012

cricket team,  kolkatta, 10th march 2012

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