Saturday, 31 March 2012

something to learn. at least...

chair, brown bread bakery, varanasi, 28th march 2012

Lying is a question of definition, cultural context.

Here so often people are telling me half truth or lies, excuses which do not makes sense, over exaggerations. ‘My bike broke down’; ‘I just fell asleep’.  ‘It is the only place in unique examples or stereotypes I am not sure.  But they do.  I am not angree. Not at all. Just makes me think.

i am very bad in lying. I flush, get brightly pink. One time I used the pass of a friend to get for free into the swimming pool. Just pas normally my friend said. I passed the guard, over suspicious quick. He stopped me, saw the pass, asked. I hesitated. I di not know what to say, so close to tell the truth. 

All was fine at the end, friend jumped in, said something about a mix up of passes, the guard did not say anything. I am ashamed.

plant, brown bread bakery, varanasi, 28th march 2012
sometimes i think lying is not lying depending on the context. is like swearing or laughing, interpreted and executed depending on the cultural and historical context and accepted its execution depending on the definition of the majority of people.

even in the same cultural context their is personal context, character and talent. talent for lying, laughing, swearing. 

what is the truth then? a question of standart rules, regulations, reglements.

the church has, definitely. the government, even the family. in theory. in practice practicality, pragmatically and aim are sometimes overshadowing the standart rules.

picture, brown bread bakery, varanasi, 28th march 2012
so what happens when most of the society thinks lying is good, such as laughing, or swearing. like saying shit, apologizing and then forgetting about it.

i love talking loud, scream and be far too direct. during my life in england i am sure i offended probably far too many people within a short amount of time, because i said everything i thought.

is it the same like lying?

classroom, brown bread bakery, varanasi, 28th march 2012

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