Monday, 12 March 2012

and again...

man, trainstation, kolkatta, 10th march

i saw the already yesterday, or better say her. he came later. she was sitting in front of me with a pile of backpages. i looked at her, smiled.

me: i saw you yesterday
she was looking, did not understand. i repeated.
she was smiling

she was withher boyfriend in teh same cafe at the same time than i was. 9 am, park street. friday. they ordered two coffees, me a huge coconut coffee and a vegetable snadwich which turned out to be a veggi burger.

i never eat veggi burger. never, anywhere in the world. i do not like this type of bread. i was annoyed, anyway, about not getting nice chai on the streets, nice nan and dal. but i was here, because of too many things. maybe because i was a chicken. anxious of me talking to strangers, because of not understanding the people, because of getting into the embarrassment of showing that i could not communicate sufficently. stupid proudness. now i was here, in the cafe.

i did not talk to them. in the train station, after recovering from runing around, trying to find the platform for my train and the surprise it felt we had sth. in common. we started to talk. her boyfriend came, they went over to me and we talked for an hour, about englishness, popular tourist destinations, there marriage. life. it was nice.

he was already since a few years, loves india. then he married his wife, a thai. they married a while ago, in thailand, a few weeks ago, before they came here. to the train, to india. they had a beautiful wedding, 250 thai, 3 of his friends. he said he would do everything to make them happy.

Side hair, sleeky with oil comp to the side, a wide thai suit and makeup to make his white skin shine a bit more pink, standing next to his wife, he ended up in front of the photographer, taking the images. he did not show it yet to his friends at home. i laughed. would i be portrait like that for my lifetime? maybe for the family's will. maybe.

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