Tuesday, 20 March 2012

without words...

computer, brown bread bakery, varanasi, march 2012

he was typing. looked on and off up. checked the room. he was actually a waitress. one of them who is working at the german bakery and restaurant in varanasi.

i got to know him a day before. or two. when i was invited to the hostel, their hostel. to sit on top of the roof top with them, to have a chai.

he read out of my hand.

today he was typing on his computer. the service was slow. very calm mood. i took images, for a project, from him, from the guest.

he said to me he was studying astrology. can read out of the hand. i understand.

i went around the table, sat next to him. looked over his shoulders.

it was a childresn computer, a little screen in the the middle of the big creen. a normal keyborard at the bottom. he talked to me, typed  the keyboard. words.

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