Saturday, 31 March 2012

the philosophers..

agnieska, roof top of guesthouse, varanasi, 29th march 2012

the gravy was from agnieska and her grandmother. Or better say her grandmothers forests mushroom. from polan. the bread from the german bakery. in india.

my father would be proud of me. he would be. the dumblings had the perfect mixture. Outside a bit week so you can perfectly cut it in half, inside a bit dry so it soaks up the creamy gravy.

It is my last day in varansi. I decided to leave early and rescue myself to goa. 2 days journey at least, 1500 ruppees too much and no air conditioning in the mean time.

lizzard, roof top of guesthouse, varanasi, 29th march 2012

Two lizzards are fighting. The big one and the small one. small one doesn’t catch any insects today, the big one is on the go.

the small one is annoyed, hangs downwards and looks into the empty space. all the bugs are the other way.

Jelousy, annoyance, Frustration does not get you anywhere and does not help. Not sure if that is so hindi like.

Miwosh, roof top of guesthouse, varanasi, 29th march 2012

Varanasi was not the best place for my work as a journalist. Maybe, not for me. One project did not work out because the guy wanted to have money, the other one was too conflicted within internal neighborhood disagreements, another one because of a lack of communication and admittance of the lack and the last one broke down because. I don’t know.

Emotional involvement in the last thing you are allowed within journalistic work. being distant and controlled is an important subject matter. Being that or at least the trial of that allows you to step back and not get hurted. Or affected or asking unreasonable parts.

That’s the theory.

legs, roof top of guesthouse, varanasi, 29th march 2012

praying to god or any god is very difficult for me. coming from a strong katholic (a as probably 99 % in my area)  I grew up with the idea of a higher power. natural as it is, but coming from a very analytic education i step back and see it more as a depending on the context fantastic institution. which keeps people in a very systematic way together. which god I do not care.

and in between I believe in something like destiny. and the greater idea everything is for the best. as it should be. So maybe not too far away what hindusimus should teach u.
rooftop, roof top of guesthouse, varanasi, 29th march 2012

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