Monday, 12 March 2012

for a bet..

sleeping, racecourt, kolkatta, 9th march 2012
it was super casual. people, mostly man, were sitting around standing in bulgs, were chatting, looking at the screen. ate some snacks. looked at their olf little books, scribbled in with a lot of notes, written in light grey pencil tone. so far there were no anxious worked up faces. nothing, just guys who are having a chat, a laugh.

it was a saturday afternoon. one as usual at the race court in kolkatta.

paying, racecourt, kolkatta, 9th march 2012
i always thought events like that would be high society with heads and dress or suits, depening on the gender. people both genders nipping on champagne glasses and having somebody to bet for them. to busy for everything else.

winning or not winning, race court, kolkatta, 9th march 2012
is the race court a trace from english colonial time? i am not sure. but even so there is nothing of the cultural attachment behind. instead of it feels a bit meeting up for the usual tea with some busicuits and games like my grandmother has.

just with a tiny higher bets and sun factor.

finishing, racecourt, kolkatta, 9th march 2012

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