Thursday, 8 March 2012

almost finished

adnan and saikat, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012

not that much to add. one dinner, 4 work colleges and amazing chef shutopa. a lot of food, a lot of laugh and hanging around.

room, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012

habibay, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012
i have two brothers who live in America and Australia. they are residence there. I love them, but i never visit them.  i love my country. so why should i visit another one. but when i am retired i wanna travel everywhere. to every village in bangaldesh. i know they are a lot but I will make it.

habibay on travelling

adnan, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012

hand, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012

moni, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012
i want to hear german music. do you have german music.

i took my ipod, searched for german music. was a bit nervous. always nervous when somebody is sharing my deepest interest.

music is always a very emotional thing for me. i never share usually, because my music is not cool, is not hip, is just it, and above all cheesy. and there is no space for pretentiousness of coolness, too important is the enjoyment of music.

i took out my music, it was quiet, i pod demands earphones, which were not here. moni listened, but did not seem to interested, or i thought so, cause based on anxiousness.

can I have some bangla music? i asked

moni took out his phone. searched. massive music list. finally found something. I listened. music was loud, almost too loud. incredible difference. moni is ruling. I listened.

i think now i understand. for music you need history. listening to new, totally different melodies is a practice. to like it for the first time doubtful, after a while yes. And as soon as you like it you do not know anymore how you could not like it.

aircondititioner, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012

building side, outside saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012
saikat, saikat's house, dhaka, march 2012
saikat invited me for dinner. he promised it to me for the last 8 weeks.  finally on the last he managed. perfect.

cooking stresses me out. i like it, but please without pressure. just for me, maybe somebody else. but no expectations. dinner parties always involve expectations.

shortly after I arrived I invited people for a meal. I bought pasta, tomatoes, cheese. what i can cook. I cooked a lot. 7 packages of pasta, 1 kilo of tomatoes. Lovely.

they all had there bit. strange. adnan ate a lot but he always eats a lot.  so he did not count as a measurement. the other tried. but honestly they did not like it. too less spice, taste, and spice.

for my leaving I wanted to have a small dinner, no party. party involves too much huzzles, stress and money. so food. but that also.

so saikat's promise had a perfect timing.

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