Monday, 5 March 2012

in love in dhaka

wall, moinak's and sadia's home, dhaka, 28th feb. 2012
the couple, moinak's and sadia's home, dhaka, 28th feb. 2012

moinak and sadia. they are married. since 1 year. to talk about their realtionship would fill up a book. a perfect novel. not just me would say.

the title would be probably" love over all boundries" the summary at the end of the book would be probably "two lost soulds, living in the same city, connected over financial bridges and lost forever for each other becauseof their religions found not just each other but the love of their life. fighting for it they dismissed not just their heritage but their and their families destiny. a novel about fight, will and love". something like that.

the floor, moinak's and sadia's home, dhaka, 28th feb. 2012
relationsships in dhaka or better say bangladesh are a difficult thing. 10 years ago free marriage was ind of not allowed, nowadays arranged marriages, made by people such as matchmaker or family are still in common. couple officially still are not together before marriage and not to think of being allowed to be together in their private surrounding they are living their premarriage life in public places like the park, along the lake, in cafes or on the bridge.

one  time i walked over the bridge. it was valentine's day. a girl and a guy sat at the steps next to the bridge. i wanted to take the image. but then i saw. she was crying. he sat next to her.

cheguevara, moinak's and sadia's home, dhaka, 28th feb. 2012
relationships used tobe before arranged, much more, because it was not just a matter of the couple and their feelings for each other. if you marry you marry also the family. this is a guys theory.

Earlier times the gender and role structure was very clear. the guy is bringing the money, the woman takes care of home and family. there was not that much space for own desires. aspects such as financial status, economical and social background were important. personality and character not that much. maybe.

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