Monday, 5 March 2012

building on something...

sadia and shutopa, drik sound studio, dhaka, feb 2012

sadia, drik sound studio, dhaka, feb 2012
did i talk about it? sadia and me are making an animation. sadia is the assistant or now ex assistant from shihdiul, my boss boss. and me and today shutopa, the wife of saikat.

shutopa is helping us, she is a synchronizer. because of her lovely voice. it was sadia's idea in teh first place and now hearing shutopas voice i agree. she is amzing. soft and almost singing. even in englaish.

bangal is anway a singing language. a lot of people say it, bangladeshis anyway.

poetry is not just big in bangladesh. it is huge. it stand for the history, culture, spirit. people such as tagor are building the foundation for everything. and they say there poetry is like singing. like lyrics. and this is the way they speak.

i can remember one poet i interviewed, for a project, young creatives in dhaka and how they push the boundries within their work. he quoted his own poetry, in bangla, and then in english. even in englsih he was singing, while he was moving his head and hands, kind of conducting, closing his eyes. passionate.

 so shutopa was singing her text, for our animation. quite, like a bird.

shutopa, drik sound studio, dhaka, feb 2012

i was supposed to also say the bangla part. me the bangla part- i was not sure. they were.

my bangla is not just terrible. it is not existing. i tried to learn it for the first couple of weeks, with moni, with myself, with the rest of the bangaldeshi world. they tried really hard. repeated the words.

i know, when i talk to somebody who does not speak my language or specifically english.for wahtever reason i think it must be really easy to grasp the meaning of the word.  and then if they cannot i just repeat it and it seems the repetition would help it. i think people think that with me.

the way i think is in pictures. i can remember every place i have been to. i can remember stories, i can even remember numbers.

i have beautiful numbers and ugly numbers. 283 is a beautiful number, 285 not. 131 well its ok but a bit cold... and 258 is super cold. cold and warm. beuatfiful and ugly. i think it is about aesthetic.

words don't create any pictures in my head. so they won't stay there. and it is annoying. people think you do not make any efford, you do not care, you are arrogant. i try, i try, sometimes it is embarrassing, in fornt of people i know. then i speak even more quiet.

sometimes people force me talking bangla. like adnan, during the riverside shoot. go, try it. i come later, he said. and i do it. and i try, open my book up, search for words, put the together. it is not perfect but i do not expect that. after a short time he comes, intervenes. that's ok, but maybe also not.

for our animation i do not need to talk. we ran out with time. so me just in the english version. that's ok. i do not mind.

hands and mobilephone, drik sound studio, dhaka, feb 2012

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