Monday, 5 March 2012

a bit of a dance..

teacher, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012
shadona is the contemporary dance group. i am visiting them and there workshop or better say school they have. they teach kids and young adults theatre and dance. depends what they want. some are in the one subject better, some in the other.

their dance group and school is really unique in bangladesh. and famous, maybe that's why. they teach traditional indian dance and contemporary dance.

i don't see any reason why we should or should not mix dance style. i think this is just a reflection of our time. fusions happens everywhere and it is nothing special to talk or to discuss. we just use those part which i think are important for our work to express ourself. lubna the teacher said.

within photography i had this discussion so often. starting of with my lecture in pathsala, presenting just white american photographers, carrying on in everyday life work as a photographer and then with other peopel, friends, i guess. how far is the outside changing teh inside. bangaldesh wants to be original and grow in an organic way. i agree.

but is not everything original in the first place and does not matter which influences they have a work, doesn't matter where the work comes from posses influences in one or the other way. and maybe the influences nowadays are more global orientated and even if you keep all the foreigners outside the country the internet is still there.  everywhere in the world. bangladesh not the only country.

globalisation is just there. in some countries expected, some countries where ouver run by it. thats a generalisation. interesting is what people do with that, cause originality will be always there, just different. see it in retrospect. look at bollywood, hollywood, european cinema. i think that is interesting.
girls waiting, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012
dancing, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012
dancing 2, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012
anahita, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012
woman, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012
musicdesk, shadona, banani, dhaka, 3rd march 2012

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