Friday, 30 March 2012

fashion addicts

emunata, assi ghat, varanasi, march 2012
i love how tourist are dressed. foreign tourist who are coming to india. they all wear some kind of baggi trousers, love t shirts and scarfs. in between a lot of jewellery, all kind of bags and even more hennah.

I started to do the project because i thought it is in some points funny. i could make a lough about them. about their foolishness dressing up in a pretentious way. defending indias ownership rights kind of.

but i kind of was wrong.  not just with the clothes. people were nice, excited, talkative, above all naive and interested. and the pictures looked great. the clothes did not look stupid, unshaped on them. wrong texture and wrong style.

maxim and hannah, assi ghat, varanasi, march 2012
people are people are people. just because you have some certain stereotypes in your head they mustn't be right. above all. even they are very personal stereotypes.

back in new york i got always a bit intimidated by those people. those people were living in fancy styled up apartment, work on a bit rusty mac lap tops, ate in in cool restaurants, dressed perfectly understated and relaxed in a sensational perfect way imperfect and were just simple untouchable. because they did not care. the hipsters.

none of the hipster would describe themselves as a hipster. it is a negative associated word among hipsters and non hipsters.

often i thought i am like them. people see me as such. cause i might be like that. casual style, nice place in kind of fancy area, eat healthy and have a mac.i would not consider myself as self confident, ignorant and arrogant.

self perception is sometimes different form how other people perceive you.

shimi, assi ghat, varanasi, march 2012

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