Wednesday, 14 March 2012

a bit of too much coincident

terrace, brown bakery shop, anandbagh, varanasi, 14th march 2012
it was just a bit too professional and played it. but also i said i wanted to see it now. maybe this was within their strategy and i did not realise.

 he picked me up on the street, talked to me, invited me, showed me the way and invited me for tea. i knew there is something wrong, but i was curious. and german bakery, well you never can say no.

seating, brown bakery shop, anandbagh, varanasi, 14th march 2012

it was wednesday am. i wanted to see varanasi by morning, when it was quiet. which was not exactly like that. but a bit better.

we ended up talking on the rooftop, with his friend. a guy, 21 years old. he said he can read my hand, he studied astrology, so he must. took my hand, disformed it, holded it in a fist.

you give more tha u take, you are very emotional and you are very energetic.

well that hits me and 1 million others.

he wanted to show me the real india, said you wanna see it so i show you. does not cost money. i am faster. with motorbike.

he is a nice guy, but i have my own guy and i love to be alone. and also you never know. i would be everywhere suspicious. not just him. so no worries.

overlook, brown bakery shop, anandbagh, varanasi, 14th march 2012
the guy, who invited me, was a chief, he loves food. he loves italian in specific. taught in kabul, afghanistan, he worked in goa for 6 years, than here. he likes it, but long hours. he is not from varansi, from a town close to reshikesh.

reshikesh should be beautiful, mountains, green fields, the ganges clean. there should be also a lot of geramn gakery stores. say people, alka says one. lets see.

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