Tuesday, 24 April 2012


trainstation cst, mumbai, april 2012
sometimes i love being a tourist. in india. when it comes up to travelling time.

may is the holiday for all indians. so vereybody goes on the train. because it is cheap, because the journeys are long. so no car and no plane and no bus, they are double the prize as well. plane are getting more common, but still 10 times more expensice. at least. within india.

so everything is booked out, waiting list are over 3 digits and the hallways are full with in front of the counter waiting people. a lot of man, hoping there would be still something available.

the room is full of people, the seats are packed with families. downstairs in front of the departure screen people are sleeping. ' you ave to get the ticket the day before the departure. the counter is opening at 8 am. come at 3 am than you get a place' a ticket woman to another customer not to me.

counter, trainstation cst, mumbai, april 2012
the travel agent said i would not get a ticket, should take the bus. that's ok as well. but double the prize, no fun looking outside the door and window. so i prefer train.

he does not know about traintickets for tourist. i know it. he does not. he is a travel agent. strange, but i trust me, better than him.

tourist tickets are just for tourist, a certain contingent. not always but for a lot of trains. i think it is strange, but then makes sense, cause otherwise tourist would be never able to take the train. the indians to quick. tourist never plan anything one week ahead. not always. not me at least.

i get the ticket, of course. the ticket man at the counter for tourist says. which train. all is available. ia m thankfully smiling. amazing. i cannot believe. the perfect train, a sleeper ticket, all what i wanted. within 15 minutes.

tourist office, hill road, bandra, mumbai, april 2012

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