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Blind people in india will be seen most of the time as helpless, useless, and disabled. Missing the one sense makes them to unvalued objet in society. Being seen as that and not having any further knowledge they go through the world without being art of it and feeling being part f life. Being not encouraged to be independent and contributing not too society they fell they cannot. Self-respect, confidences and responsibility is loosing on them. I wanna change that,

George Abraham, the founder of the blind cricket team is partial blind, grew up in a normal surrounding. Because of his mum, who read a lot and decided, blindness does not mean being stupid. So he went to a normal school, went to college, studied math and other science, ended up in advertisement. And then he found blind cricket children.

Sport is inclusion, is self-respect, responsibility you learn to make decision, be part of a team. Aim for something. And it is fun.

1990 he founded the cricket organization. First tournaments . 1997 the first world cup and 2005 finished. Because people rely on me too much. I had to step back.

He is a charismatic person. He knows how to talk, to convince, to charm. He smiles, he is personal, respectful. One of these person you call iconic. You strive for, you not just admire but believe and follow. Who can change

I am buying an ice ream, before hand. Looking at the menu I did not pay attention to the seller. Orange water ice cream. Not coke please. I said. He is searching, hand getting lost in the big boil ender the whole. A minute later he gave me an orange one. 5 rupees. He is feeling the money in his hand. I look at his eyes. He is blind. The next customer is coming.

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