Friday, 13 April 2012


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Now I understand.  Always when I am in the metro I was wondering where the woman where. Just wagons full of guys. Women in india are working,  women in india are going out. plus there are always seats for ladies. But no woman sit s there and the guys do everything but not giving you space to sit. But now I understand. Wednesday morning. Last wagon. Full of women.

In hampstead heath in London you have three ponds. One for woman, one for men and one mixed one. I was there with friends, just girls and one guy and ended up in the overfilled mixed pond.

Gender segregation is an old fashioned thing. I think. Separating two types because of their gender just happens nowadays in toilets, at least in the western world. In india it happens in waiting rooms, restaurant areas and metro wagons.

It is about the men, a woman I met one time said men are pushy and there are just too many. If woman do not have man around they can be more themselves.

Being themselves in front of men does not work for woman. Visa versa?

There are always certain issues between man and woman, between people, rarely you are just what yourself is in public space. But I understand. In the metro case. Men are pushi, aggressive, just for the sake of comfort and pragmatic.
One of the trains back home mads and me where in one of the wagons. Lot of men on one side. Woman on the other. Apparently sometimes they are opening those wagons for men. If there are too many people. 
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