Tuesday, 24 April 2012

dinner for two

breadcrumps, raji's home, bandra, mumbai, april 2012
raji is lailas uncle, is nilu's brother. is my friend. maybe.

he is 50, is gay, a designer, for clothes, for interior, for food, has crazy henna hair, pilled up to a ponytail, always two glasses on his head, everyday different shoes and can cook fantastically. and not spicy and not italian. and no faible for expencive whine.

he is deaf, talks all the time, about his life in london, in frankfurt, his present guys here, his designs. if he does not know what to talk about he makes something up. he loughes a lot, has the most amazing fb collection of picture from himself, being stupid.

it is important to mention that he is deaf. not that he is funny and has a huge amount of talents. it is about him being special and not trying to show him he is normal as other people. he is, but he is not.

there is nothing against praising somebody's achievement. extraordinary things people do, because they are brave, intelligent, smart, honest, liar, maybe, whatever.

there is this fashion around contemporary thinking not to make people who have special needs stand out, because of the urgent interest in projecting them as normal as possible. like we all are. kidn of contribuiting respect by neglect. thats ok i understand. not everybody is special just because of some missing senses.

but he is special, he is gay with all its stereotypes attached, he is deaf and he talks so i can understand. all that makes him special. and he can cook.

sunday evening we are cooking at his place. we get some whine. and pasta with meatballs.

i a vergetarian, but that's ok as well.

food, raji's home, bandra, mumbai, april 2012

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