Friday, 13 April 2012


race cose, race corse, delhi, april 2012

I never win. Never.

One time and the only game I was playing in the casino I lost in blackjack within 10 minutes all my coins 2 5-euro coins. I almost started to cry.

But today I won. In my head.

horses, race corse, delhi, april 2012

I was with my friends at the horse race course in colcatta.
The colcatta one was a much ore prettier one. bigger houses. More old. More honorable. I would say.  but I was with my friends.

Horserace course has a sort of fascination, romanticism for me. Like pirating or being on a lonely island there is something beautiful and mysterious with the either dangerous or just simple mundane.

How I know racecourse is pretty elite. Rich people with stiff hats standing and posing on the grass, holding a bubbling champagne glass in my their head.

In colcatta as in delhi it is predominantly middles and working class men who are coming here. Even more in colcatta they look like they would come here every day, mads says. I say they do look happy. As a meeting up. Not addicted. Game seems no serious.

They take it serious oh yes, shout, scream, but it seems more an afternoon ritual between a certain amount of people. Like going to the pub, playing cars or going to church.

visitor, race corse, delhi, april 2012

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