Tuesday, 10 April 2012

the kirda

overlook, market, old delhi, april 2012

I had markets like that at home. 4 times a year. On a Sunday. A lot of cars with little stand would come. Would place them on the main place of my village and offer their things for one day. Sweets, clothes, children toys, cds. Everything would be sold there. Even the horse sausage guy would come with a long line of people behind.

bags, market, old delhi, april 2012

The place would be full of people the stand till the end of the main market. Music, shouting’s from the stands. People are chatting.

My family’s home is just next to the stands, next to the church on the main market. O was in the center of interest.

When I was younger I always got my barbies and the sugar stick with cream inside. The kirda was the only place you got it there. For 5 dm.

locks, market, old delhi, april 2012
nails, market, old delhi, april 2012
Nowadays the market is very small. Not that many people are coming anymore.  I guess amazon and malls are doing there best.  Still nowadays you can find a big queue at the horse sausage wagon. One thing you probably never can buy online.

clothes, market, old delhi, april 2012

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