Tuesday, 10 April 2012

cultural context

waiting, central secretary metro station, delhi, april 2012

It is a fight. But an unnecessary fight. Because everybody fits anyway in the train because the net train is coming in 2 minutes.

Going by metro in delhi is a challenge. As soon as the doors opening it is always about pushing, inside and outside. , they are stepping on my shoes. Pushing my back, squeezing through me.

sign, inside the metro, delhi, april 2012

I understand. It is about sitting, best spot, being even in.

Every country has a different idea bout private space. In Germany the private space is at least 20 cm. in india it does not exist or minus 0.

At the beginning and still I got annoyed, turn around, shout at them. They are shocked, step back push again in 5 minutes.

going in, metro door, delhi, april 2012

Cultural differences are a funny thing, you make them and then get annoyed when you feel the other person doesn’t make any compromises. You think so. both of them. Because you already make compromises, bot sides stretch yourself so and so far but still the gap is too big.

In England people would either loose the fight by being polite or being demolished. The German would complain and the Bangladesh would fight back.

Cultural difference is a stereotype, generalization. Nothing to worry about the individual. But still fun. I am very german. I like my space. Make me feel weared. Not sure how I would feel as a south American.

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