Tuesday, 10 April 2012

a tost on your health

bird, bird hospital old delhi, april 2012

One principle of Hinduism, or at east some under religion of it means. Save every life.  Some religions do not eat any fruits from the earth, some no eggs and milk, no meat anyway and some save birds.

The bird hospital in old delhi. Within the temple area, high up in a building. Cage on cage little and bigger birds. Some of them have bandages around their wings. Some of them are just lying around. One was died. I could swear on it.

The floor is wet. We get shoes from the guy sitting at the entrance, allowing us in. we get slippers. The birds don’t sing. Maybe one of them. But quiet.

birds eating, bird hospital old delhi, april 2012
wall, bird hospital old delhi, april 2012

Welfare in india is very individual based. Seeing in no area any government support, such as social security, houses for homeless people or free food institutions such as temples and individual higher-class people are overtaking responsibility. Food distribution is one of the most common tools. in front of temples public spaces homelessness are gathering and receiving their food every day.

Reason is the mistrust in government and the believe in the idea of religion. Direct help instead of long invested projects.

medicine, bird hospital old delhi, april 2012
The bird hospital is something unique. At the end we left. A donation box is waiting for us. 10 rupees 20. Not sure how much ends up with the birds.

outside, bird hospital old delhi, april 2012

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