Friday, 13 April 2012

feminism made in india

metro station chom ychwok, old delhi, april 2012

Woman in india are going through a weird phase. Apparently. Says alka ‘s mum. Not exactly that but she meant it. 

  "you find a lot of woman in india in the mid 30s who are not married and do not indent to do so. women in india are nowadays working. They are independent. Earning money making career, becoming independent. The problem is when it is time for marriage they are not interested, not because of the marriage but because of the man. The men or most of them still have the old fashioned idea what a woman is. But the woman does not wanna full fill it anymore."
In india there is an overload of man, so the magazine caravan says in an article. Forgetting the number there are plenty of more men than women. Also still man find it difficult to get to know a woman, far away from any matchmaker and relatives.
Just a side thought:” maybe that would solve the overpopulation of india in some points.

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