Tuesday, 24 April 2012


stairs, mango, link road, bandra, mumbai, april 2012
It is all about it. Apparently. At least here in bombay or mumbai.

I hate it. so much. Maybe i am just terrible in it and that is THE best Way to excuse it. Attack instead of defense, but i still cannot help it.

I like the idea of earning my honor. And somebody may argue that this is also a way of earning. But not my way. But mumbai’s way.

Most of laila’s jobs are based on networking. Going to a festival and than talking. Doing a lot of talking. With everybody and anybody. Good entertaining conversation, getting the full attention of the networked and then handing out or sliding in with the most amazing idea or just staying memorable. That's the idea of it.

most of the time when i talk with artists or professionals i always feel they are not in the slightest interested and if i get the feeling, true or not, i react and step back. because if he does not want, he or she does not.

I am not good in selling, i guess. Selling implies being convinced, having the drive and courage to make you buy something you never, in the worst but most likely case, wanted to have. and you can show that you sell a product but don't feel ashamed.

I am getting better. Not in the Field, but on the net. Purely professional, no smoothing in and around.

Maybe or better probably in 10 years from now i will read it and laugh. Hopefully.

Laila hates it as well, but she is Good and she is already in half of the world.
dress, mango, link road, bandra, mumbai, april 2012

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