Monday, 16 April 2012


statue, ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012
The distant between each couple is the maximum of space they could have. I think. Today it is a bit more crowded I am sure. Behind every corner in ever niche you can find them. Close together, far away, some are holding hands.  Some are just walking close together.

man, ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012

Osho park is in koregaon park. A park full of plants and water, small ponds, little rivers surrounded by old seating places and covered by trees. And in between a lot of couples.

I saw this already in Dhaka, a lot. Parks is one of the public spaces where couples meet up. Can meet up. It is kind of private but not in their own spaces. That would be inacceptable. I assume.

signature, ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012
ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012
flowers, ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012

A young guy was talking to me, after I slept. He was interested, curious, chatted a while, a bit about that and that. At the end he wanted to have a picture. I mad a joke. Don’t introduce me to your friends as your new girlfriend. He took it back, immediately, was almost shy.

I made him take the image. nothing to worry. I understand. A memory. He told me that he would help me anytime, if I have a problem. 

abbi, ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012

I had this before on the train station. I thought he was nice. I said we should meet up, with the guy on the train. Just because I wanted to be nice and meet up, have a chat. After neha talked with me I was unsure. I would not be liked to be seen as a white easy girl. That’s what they think, neha says. So I did not call him up. After I promised him.

I am feeling terrible about it. not keeping promises. it is a bad habit. One thing I dislike about English people. They say it but do they keep it. now I understand. Not because of that, but because of the looseness. I did not keep my promises.

at the end, ohso park, pune, 15th april 2012
The guy in the park got his number, he was very shy, looked around, felt he was observed, did something wrong. I gave him the number, said good bye and left. Later on I wrote the guy from the train station. I apologized. Explained, about habits apologized.

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