Monday, 23 April 2012

somewhere to start with

drinks, laila's friend friend's home, mumbai, april 2012

Beer, whine, smoke. And Music. Homemade Music. Made by 2 Guys, from india and germany.

But before that they were talking a long time, about music, their music, their future. They have a deal, maybe, for a movie, a thriller. A Guys journey of Running away from the prison, getting caught and falling in love in between.

adi, laila's friend friend's home, mumbai, april 2012
They have 5 songs. For each Motive 1.

One Song is about him getting caught, at the end. Happy chap Melody, suddenly a street guy coming in starting to sing a song. About the horrible ending. That should be ironic. Maybe

That's bollywood. Because Indians have a hard life. They need to run away from reality. And they like colors and music. And being over the Top. A Friend of Mine explains.

The two musicians are Friends. Kind of. From laila. We had dinner. It is my first Evening in mumbai.

divia, laila's friend friend's home, mumbai, april 2012

tv, laila's friend friend's home, mumbai, april 2012
They are carrying on talking, mostly the Indian guy. He loves to talk. A show off, I would say. An entertainer, laila would say. He stands in front of us. Young, excited, tells the Story of the director and his presentation with result of two musicians falling asleep again.

3rd time. He still thinks it is funny. He is, but a Bit too much, for me.

He reminds me a bit on me.

adi's friend, laila's friend friend's home, mumbai, april 2012

After a lot of beer, whine, smoke he drives us home. Fast, crazy. Drunk.

In Germany i Never ever get into a car of somebody who drinks, not even a bit. My whole Life everybody, parents, school, Media, everybody told me it is bad. you can get killed.

I also remember the guys coming to our restaurant, drinking there at least 5 pints for Lunch, between work, before driving.

Sitting in the car i am not sure what to believe, Social and cultural context, education or experience.

I think these were one of those situations I prayed for god, any god.

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