Tuesday, 10 April 2012

in your feet

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People always come with certain expectations to india. Some of them come because of spirituality, some of them because of Yoga or Ayurveda or Massage. Some if them for Shopping or because it is an ideologist justifiable and cheap Way to burn your Skin. Most of them are buying apple mac products, eating organic and thinking believing in god is stupid- i mean the western god. Most of them Wanna find something. Even if it is just the Identity. I came because of my Friends.

I had no clue about india. Knew that it was big, ex English colonialist, pretty good in cricket. Places such as mumbai, Delhi and varanasi i fit to know Reading Wikipedia and goa was nothing Else than drugs and Trance. and it is One of the Bric countries.

Bric countries are brazil, russia, india and China. Short Version for the emerging countries which are climbing out of their third world position into the First. Economical Wise.

Bric also became a synonym for a fear. A couple of years ago i read the economist . the man in the article talkes about the constant annual income of the state and its increase, the untouchabilty of those countries in terms of the those days Happening Financial crisis and the middleclass.

A middleclass is Important, very Important. A healthy middle class dies Not just bring politicak thinking but , above all in Case of the Bric countries, Cash. A Lot. Middleclass are Shopping adidas. In Order to belang to the circle you need things. car, house, holiday, clothes, mobile phone. the list is endless and they have the Money.

Just Imagine more and more middleclass People are buying Indian Cars, Indian Phons, Build new Indian houses.

India has over 1 Billion People. At the Moment you have 20 percent middle class in india- or u had when i read the article. the article said to get its 40  percent in 15 years, plus its worldrank nect to economical superpowers such as Germany and USA.

Middleclass is also responsible for where the Society goes. Having a healthy middle class is Having a Good politicak ground. Cause politisch is healthy without thinking about Money too much.
high heels, old dehli, april 2012

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