Friday, 13 April 2012


view from terrace1, hotel tara place, old delhi, april 2012

It is raining. Heavily. First it started with a sandstorm. The sky became dark, orange dark, paper was flying in the air. Then some rain drops came. And the lighting. And the thunder. Over us, next to us.

In monsoon this is business as usual. It rains for an hour for two, heavily. Overloads the floor, sweeps all the dust away, fulfills the thirst of the dry country. That is in august, September. Now it is april. It was the whole day already grey, rained in the morning a bit. Then that. The day after it rained even more, and did not leave after the other day.

view from terrace2, hotel tara place, old delhi, april 2012

The guys from the hotel say it is normal. Just a few days like that. The sky did not clear when we left the room. The air was fresh, clean and it was cold. A bit.

view from terrace3, hotel tara place, old delhi, april 2012

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