Tuesday, 10 April 2012

everything but not old

There are two ideas you get when you think about india. It guys and slums. Maybe colors and happiness of the moment,

Khan market is probably about nothing of it. Except from the last. Maybe.

Khan market is one of the new k=markets. The market where the diplomats and intellectuals go. Because it is next to the parliament. The market is full with shops , inside and outside. Adidas, puma, fab India, Nikon etc are settling here, prizes well like in Europe. It is clean, the colors subdued. The people might be from it but not necessary and the slum is far away.

I feel very comfortable here. Being within the typical shopping areas which I could find it in Bristol or munich with having little shops full of things and customer service which does not wanna overload me with information and force me to feel like at home.

western ideas such as clothes, coca cola, or mc donals never stop in front of countries. places such as coffee houses are michael jackson are stringer than old traditions.

I do not believe it is because western ideas are better. That would be arrogant to think. It is about the exotic, the difference. The desire of being something, which is different. The curiosity of the unknown.

people in the western world are travelling. In other parts of the world you don’t travel. You buy.

Just a starting theory.  

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