Tuesday, 10 April 2012

post mortem

dead mouse, somewhere in delhi, april 2012

finally i think i found spirituality or what people call it.

a man in the train did it. I actually talked to him because he helped me to recharge my phone. So I talked to him, not sure what was the beginning after the beginning.

I never dealt with spirituality. In varanasi the oldest and holiest place in india i did not go into any temple. visited no ashram and talked to no shiva.

spirituality is living in the presence. he Said. not just that. a lot more. But actually he said that.

I understand. Frustration and sorrow is destructive, waste of energy. Excitement and expectations is waste of Energy i think. Just available for People with too much time, free time.

But misthought- Main Goal is being super balanced and untouchable- Nana that is Wrong- of course z should be happy and das but Not getting driven away. Quite practicability considering THE fact that this Religion is supposed to be reaches through intense meditation Not Frustration.

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