Saturday, 7 April 2012

indeed a coincident

sleeping, between mumbai and margao, 31st march 2012
sometimes i am wondering if somebody shapes secretly the world for me. before i started the train from varanasi to mumbai and mumbai to margao i thought it would be aweful. too late trains, too hot, too heavy luggage, thieves and narrowness.

nothing like that. not even thieves. instead lovely people, lot of power for my lap top and actually too much coldness.

landscape1, between mumbai and margao, 31st march 2012
landscape2, between mumbai and margao, 31st march 2012
i decided i would go now. no specific reason just was time. no mc donalds food, after considering and standing in front of the unicef building. three componants, individual factors. if one of those factors would change what would happen with following night. maybe the same, delayed. probably, doesn't matter cause that chain reaction happened. oh before one aspect more. i usually do not talk to germans. not because i do not like germans. i just do not think there is enough reason to talk to a german just because he is german. but to them i talked.

two girls, where sayings something. i asked them were they are from, etc. carried on talking. quite nice. sweet girls on their traveling route talking about typical tourist experience of being forced into group pictures with strange indians, fighting about prices and respect. like me.

nothing special, but one thing was fun: it turned pout they not just travel in the same train to margao, but in the same train, teh same department and same grouping of beds. one of them studied in passau which a town really close form my hometown.

not sure if this says something about coincident or common factors of people traveling and the train company make them travel.

interior, between mumbai and margao, 31st march 2012

man outisde, between mumbai and margao, 31st march 2012

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