Tuesday, 24 April 2012


balloon, promenade, bandra, mumbai, april 2012
I never thought it would be so quick. I thought i have to sit at Special spots, have to get a Bit fancy or at least comb my hair.

Anyway i was white, i was not rolling around and i did Not have anything extraordinary on me. Maybe that was enough.

Casting people talked to me. On the promenade, close to ccd. I a with on the street next to the beach forbidden take a way coffee. They with camera and pen.

Advertisement, famous movie Star, money and bollywood. I was quite excited, not bothering to ask for details or at least for making sure these Guys are not any weirdo’s.

shoot, promenade, bandra, mumbai, april 2012
In bandra the collection of foreign Amateur actors is quite high. Due to the high amount of expats living around The area and equivalent high amount of foreign stereotypes this place is perfect for finding cheap and willing people.

Recently a new breed of actors came to bollywood. Foreigners who mean it serious. Acting in their countries and try there luck here.

Some are successful; some are not, the usual rate. I was not lucky. The casting hunter asked me for a Date but not for the real shoot. Well not successful or I actually have to make an effort. Not easy anywhere, Even if you think so. 

bridge, promenade, bandra, mumbai, april 2012

The role i was supposed to play was one of the rich crowds. Of course that's what whites are. Usually. Funny considering the fact that the guy giving or Not giving ( in that case) earns more than i do.

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