Monday, 16 April 2012


kitchen, neha's home, 16th april 2012

I do not actually sleep on a coach. It is a bed, with a tv. I have a key. And get food. Amazing food and get told what to cook. Inclusive great conversations, advises and emotions.

fritch, neha's home, 16th april 2012
cupboard, neha's home, 16th april 2012

I am doing coachsurving. For one or two days. I do not usually  do it that because I like my own space. Don’t be a burdon on somebody. But this time I did it. because of experience, because I am curious. About her. And the bedroom.

Coachsurving its an idea. You have a place to sleep, another person has a place to sleep. If it miht happen you are in the other persons city you can sleep at his place, if all the other aspects, like presence, availability and common interest, work out. an idea which does not cost and pay anything off. Just for free. And it works amazing. I did it. in spain, in portugal. I like it. got to know amzing people I had a lot of fun with. One time I was at a coachsurfing party, in Bristol, uk, people from all kind of different background. The party was amazing. Good coversations even so they did nothing in common, just being social.

bed, neha's home, 16th april 2012

books, neha's home, 16th april 2012

In india coach surfing is quite popular. Established since a couple of years. People do it, not that many girls. Hardly any girl. She was the only one who replied, even so she had other guests, even so her water supply is reduced to certain hours, even so she had another one coming next week and even so the only place she could offer was the bedroom with her boyfriend. Because she knew how difficult it is for a woman to do coach surfing alone, because of being a woman. I knew. I said yes.

wall, neha's home, 16th april 2012

Being with neha and her boy turned out to be great. I got my own room, because the other coach surfer left. They had enough water easily for 2 days without any supply at all. They cook. We ate and I took images of them. Perfect exchange.
Oh and they drove me to the train station. Even so they knew already beforehand there was traffic jam, which seems something in india.

tv, neha's home, 16th april 2012

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