Monday, 16 April 2012

big and small...

man on wall, pune, 14th april 2012
Pune is a city in the north east of india. Not really north east, more east. Close to Mumbai. I would say.  famous for education and culture, people tell me. And the city in a state with great fruits. That’s what I know.

picture on wall, pune, 14th april 2012

man behind curtain, pune, 14th april 2012

Pune is very less touristic. Some signs are hanging around, there are touristic shops, but not that much. Pune is also a place where people are not looking at you, wondering where you come from,  what you are, watching every step. Also not a place where people are following you up, every minute, trying to sell you something. Just sometimes. That’s ok.

elections, pune, 14th april 2012

home, pune, 14th april 2012

busstop, pune, 14th april 2012

I get calmer. I actually start to interact. Ask, answer, stand still. Think having the choice and having a certain invasion in your space makes you more open, appreciation of the single moment.

I never get stopped, at home, in my other homes. People do not dare to ask, even they hello. Sometimes it feels even awkward, specifically when you know and you do not know.

stall, pune, 14th april 2012
musician, pune, 14th april 2012
stall, pune, 14th april 2012

I love big cities. You become unknown. Space and amount makes people you might know invisible. Even if you cross specific common ways, every day. In a small village you always know everybody, even if you do not know the person you know them, recognize them. You say hello and move on. No need for specific attention, because nothing specific to meet somebody you know. In a mediocre big city you know and you do not know. And you cannot hide. So meeting somebody is kind of a surprise and not. Nothing common. So talking and not talking is every time a question.

I was living in a kind of big city for a while. Going gown my main street close to where I live was always a hid and seek. Depending on your mood. Do you want to talk, how much and really was an issue. Always. Sometimes I tried to avoid, sometimes I searched. Insurance both times.

advertisment, pune, 14th april 2012
education, pune, 14th april 2012
news, pune, 14th april 2012
freetime, pune, 14th april 2012

Pune is maybe like that, I don’t know. If you live here. It is small, but crowded, but then not. Feels very calm and very unusual for india or what I have seen so far. Usually people are stepping over each other. Here in less central areas people are scattered. Sometimes not there.

interacting, pune, 14th april 2012
choice, pune, 14th april 2012

pragmatic, pune, 14th april 2012

you think I do not know him. Hey I am living for 20 years here.- answer of a driver gave me some contacts to the german bakery owner.

It is a small city I guess.

pune, 14th april 2012

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