Tuesday, 24 April 2012


man, promenade, bandra, mumbai, april 2012

Weight is a big issue in india. Putting on weight and awareness of weight. Maybe health aspect, but a lot of beauty.

Fault is oil in everything, overcooked, nothing fresh. Proteins at least. Not too many.

coming from a region where meat, potentiell, fat is common this seemed to be ridiculous.

earlier times people ate according to there workout. Input equivalent to output. Nowadays output is decreasing Input increasing. Depending on money input increases. a plus balance. depends.

In western Society weight is determined by money. more money, less weight. Poor Food is usual junk. In england, usa, germany.

Food is also education. At least what food can so. The basic.

Western world considers rice as healthy. So do bangladeshis, so not Indians. Tomato are not eaten within microbiotics, but loved by scientists for their anticancer effect. Milk is good Depending on subculture. Sojamilk the same, ricemilk for hardcore criticism and never heard anything bad about goats milk. Same but different.

The entrance door of ccd has a sign. Push for your health.

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