Tuesday, 24 April 2012


bench, carter road, bandra, mumbai, april 2012
I never thought about laila' s religion. I think one time I wondered because of her  it being Hindi.

Before u came to india I assumed everybody is Hindi or something like that. Basically I did not except so obvious other religions.

In bandra there are a lot of others. Huge catholic community, muslims a lot. Did not expect that.  Not like that

I had huge problems to get a place to live. The landlord asked me which religion I am. I said I am Muslim. And I did not get the place. '

Religion and cast system is visible depending on where and which situation u r. In the blue frog, just an example, a club in Mumbai. Nobody cares. Because they are all the same. On the beach definitely both sides care even do there are more cultural than religious or traditions interfering with each other.

And in the home? Or on the streets. There it gets a bit abstract cause how does. It have an effect on your way if living which religion you are.

It became stronger the last years. Much stronger. I never considered my religion do not my parents and my surrounding. But here today it is very strong.

India has a bit of an identity crisis. The country is big. Far too many different states, cultures, religion. Not talking about history, food etc.

And nationality identity is lacking cause. I political relationship. No patriotism for the country. Too weak the government.

Result is an interest in different identification possibilities. Such as religion, such as organisations.

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